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This stunning Alpenglow dress has the following features:

* Knee Length Skirt.

* Sleeveless lace bodice.

* Classic Alpenglow Ruffle Dress Collection rough edge lace back.

* Option to order with the clip on fully removable flowers or with the Marisa Sash.

* Also available in Ankle length.

For children under 12 Months, we recommend the simple lace front without beading. For children under 3T, we do not recommend the Marisa Sash.


SIZING - Please order the size that contains the age that your child will be at the time of wear. Do not size up or down. If you have a child who is tall/short small/large for their age group, please contact us through the contact form and we will recommend the appropriate size for your child.

This dress has been designed as a flexible fit and fits most within the age range.



This dress comes In the Beaded Front, The Simple Lace Front with removeable clip on flowers ( $4) OR with The Marisa Sash. The Marisa Sash is $15 which will be automatically added to your total if you select that option.


The dress you see on the model is a Bambinos Closet Dress worn by Bambino's Closet model miss M. The dress you see in the picture is the dress you will recieve.


All photographs on this product page are the property of Bambino's Closet and may not be copied or redistributed in any form. Any actions to the contrary will be subject to copyright proceedings. Photographer - Manu Keggenhoff.

WHITE - Alpenglow Knee Length Ruffle Dress

  • The average delivery time for this dress is 3-5 weeks. For weddings and special events, we recommend ordering 2 -3 months in advance.

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